One thing I’ll never understand

People who go on YouTube videos to just dislike videos…

Like it’s super amazing has a million likes but then still 50k dislikes or more. I’m like, is that from the “camp” of rival bands/artists. Like all of Kendrick Lamar’s homies goes on J coles videos and dislikes them just because they’re deep down secretly big rivals even though they act like they don’t want beef?? Lol this has been on my mind a lot lately.


yeah, I wonder.

I think I’ve only ever given Likes,
especially if I sit thru a testimony by somebody,

I might even comment then too.

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I’ve given a dislike on ones I don’t like. Sometimes it catches later and I change my vote to like. But some songs are too good. If you’re not into that genre/artist then don’t watch the video.

Heck so. Maybe I’m wrong.

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Maybe people just don’t like it?


I stick to what I know when viewing

because certain violent videos are really triggering for my PTSD.

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