One reason I don't work

One reason I don’t work is I’m often up late at night unable to sleep. I think it’s because I’m getting old. I’m 53 years old.

There are other reasons I don’t work: excessive sweating and simply losing my mind when I’m not centered on myself.


I feel ya man. I have hyperhydrosis and struggle to work too. It sucks because my living situation is forcing me to keep trying to get jobs and keep them.


I get both types of ideation when i work. So its best i don’t right now. Still not found the right med regimine for me yet. Sometimes even socializing too much makes me have bad ideation. So i have to have me time.


Thank you for sharing with us @Jinx .
And you others too.

One reason i don’t work is perhaps my insomnia.
Another reason is I isolate anc need lots of time in bed .

Another reason is i don’t like how most people treat me.
It’s not ok according to me.

I have worked well with atleast one chick.
She was a communist chick.I’m not a communist but we went well together and had a flow and we never bossed each other about.never a bad or hostile vibe but only love and niceness.

Most other people I’ve worked with want to suppress me or boss me about or treat me with disrespect and that’s not ok so i can’t stand it which can stress me out which could trigger me and make me unwell.

Last time I was hospitalised I was forsed to do a housekeeping course.
If I didn’t do it I wouldn’t get money for food and bills so I did it but it was too much for me and made me psychotic and I was hospitalised.

Thankfully I’m on the disability pension now.

Not many jobs i would feel comfortable with and not many people i would feel comfortable working with.


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