On and Off Lifestyle

I have been here on and off. So is my lifestyle. Its always hard for me to express my thoughts in a streamlined manner, due to disorganized thoughts. Moreover i do not get support from my family or friends. They expect me to be normal in a flash and if i am silent or ruminating or depressed, its my fault. I am sort of vexed almost all the time, since there is nobody who is willing to listen to me and then respond. So I am back here for some kind ears.


It’s not easy but be proactive in your treatment. Keep your mind open and if your not functioning totally then might pay to try another med. If you’ve been through a few your probably ahead of that but it’s not an exact science and sometimes it’s worth a shot at change.

Getting your head right leads to better outcomes for sure. I was a mess on risperdal for example. Just didn’t work for me and it works for a lot of people. Changing to zyprexa was hard. I heard all the stories but it’s been a great med for me!

Simply put. Consistency with your meds leads to better outcomes for sure!

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Are you on meds? Are they working for you? If not it might be time to talk to your pdoc about a change. Sorry your family is not supportive. For what it’s worth, this place is always here and is a generally uplifting and supportive place.

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