OMG case management at my facility sucks, the whole facility sucks!


They used to give me rides. Stopped around January. There is no reason for me to even have a case manager, it’s pointless. The whole facility lied to me saying they can’t do rides anymore, but I was on a job search site and was curious what the resumes of my facility are. They have actual workers resumes on there! And right at the top says… Transports clients to and from… and the resume was recently updated…Ohh I’m pissed. I had to walk around two weeks ago almost getting hit by cars and hearing voices getting distracted. I’m done with that place. Only reason I have a case manager is to handle the therapist bc I don’t like one on one. Now that the CM department betrayed me, ■■■■ the whole place!


Are you OK man?
Do you take your meds?


Just because they no longer do that doesn’t mean someone wouldn’t keep it in their resume if that was previously party of their job responsibilities. I think you’re being this way out of proportion. They’re could be several reasons for this that aren’t that they’re lying to you.


My support workers been off since last november - and to be honest im glad he’s gone. And i dont think i really need one anyway, it was just taking me for stupid coffees in town, which i dont like going into anyway. And he had a habit of poncing my ciggies which used to wind me up. He was more annoying, then helpful.


No I am not ok, and I am female. I did take my meds, just not Klonopin (clonazapam). I kept on trying to fall asleep, and it’s almost 3am, I was having all this hate and thinking how I was going to bring this up and all I had were thoughts of anger.


She started in February, and the rules took place when my old CM called me in January and said she was getting a new job and couldn’t drive me to and from anymore


That sucks they were taking your cigarettes

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Yeah i know - Dont know whether it was my doing, but soon after i put a complaint in with the NHS Trust, he went off sick. He had a nasty habit of missing the bowl as well when he used my loo. Im better off without him. If im ever having a wobble - i just ring the duty CPN anyway.

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Yea I call crisis and then sometimes I get the on call CM. I was thinking of calling tonight but I don’t want to say the wrong thing cause I’m brutally honest. It’s not good to say some things over the phone. They can have the ambulance on their way over. I just want to go to bed and hopefully have this negative mood pass

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Hope you feel better soon mate. Im the same i over-share, and like you i recover quicker in the comfort of my home - rather than a hospital. Have a good sleep - i always feel better after a spell in bed.

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Back when I was on Medicaid, my group therapist refused to get me rides. She was the one who was supposed set it up for anyone who needed it in that group. She ok’d it for everyone but me. It really hurt my feelings.

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Sorry that happened to you. I just don’t understand their logic. It doesn’t hurt my feelings per se, it hits hard because they know my past two therapy sessions we’re about me walking and being out of it. Then when I got the higher dose of the shot 3 months ago I could have been a danger because I was on autopilot walking to the bus terminal, and then when I got there to wait for my bus I was in the shade with my sunglasses on like nodding out, anyone could have taken advantage of me and I was unaware of my environment. I’m surprised I made it home safe. The other time before that, they let me go when I said all the sounds were ganging up on me and I talked to like 5 case managers and I was out of my mind talking nonsense, that was dangerous too…


That’s scary! You were on too high a dose. Do you live in the USA? In my town there’s a connector bus for disabled people, including schizophrenics, that can pick you up at your house and drop you off right at the building you’re going to.

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I know, I’m still on that high dose, but last week my bf took me. Yeah I’m in the USA. I’ll have to look into it, I probs have the insurance for it

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If you have medicaid there’s medicaid covered transport in every state of the US


Ok, thanks for letting me know


Now that I look back when I was in a period of psychosis when I wrote that… I was on the website, and the words got possessed and were telling me things and I was able to read the hallucinations… not a good experience, but I just realized that. I don’t want to go back on that website, theres no need especially when my mind is/was that sick. I don’t remember anything that I read and I became obsessive since none of the stuff I was reading on that site was processing right for me