Omeros Reports Positive Results from New Medication Phase 2 Clinical Trial for Schizophrenia

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A new research report gives hope to families and people who suffer from schizophrenia that there may soon be a new medication that helps with the negative and cognitive symptoms that are so common with schizophrenia. Omeros Corporation recently announced additional positive results from a Phase 2a clinical trial of OMS824, the company’s phosphodiesterase 10 (PDE10)…

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Jus So it’s Outlined Publicly ,

Can You Give a Quick Simplistic Overview of What that Means (???)

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Here is some info:

Negative Symptoms:

Cognitive symptoms
Cognitive symptoms are subtle and are often detected only when neuropsychological tests are performed. They include the following:

poor “executive functioning” (the ability to absorb and interpret information and make decisions based on that information),
inability to sustain attention, and
problems with “working memory” (the ability to keep recently learned information in mind and use it right away)

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What Are “cognitive” & “negative” “symptoms” .

no updates even after…!!!

Does this help:

There are eight principal negative symptoms. These are:

1. Apathy / Loss if interest in activities that used to be something they did

The person may have a lack of interest in activities that previously were important to them such as their work or studies or recreational activities such as sports. They may also stop looking after themselves properly and their personal hygiene and appearance may suffer noticeably. They may be reluctant to leave the house or even their bedroom and may lie in bed for the larger part of the day.

2. Absent, blunted or incongruous emotional responses

People with schizophrenia experiencing negative symptoms may appear to display no reaction to good or bad news or to react inappropriately for instance laughing at sad news or appearing to become unhappy when hearing good news.

3. Reductions in speech

People with negative symptoms of schizophrenia may appear to have little interest in conversation and may give only very brief responses to questions. Their speech may be disrupted or there may be long pauses in the flow of their speech or in responding to conversation (known as poverty of speech). The ability to make small talk is often completely lost and this loss of vital communication skills can impact seriously on the person’s ability to take part in social activities or find employment7. This is also called alogia by doctors. In extreme cases the person may become completely mute.

4. Social withdrawal (not seeing friends and family much)

The person may shun social contact and may prefer to spend the larger part of the day and night by themselves. There is a general lack of will to interact with the world around them. This is called avolition by doctors

5. Impaired attention / Difficulty concentrating

There may be an obvious difficulty in concentrating during conversation and an inability to concentrate on even simple tasks.

6. Anhedonia / Ability to experience pleasure

This describes an inability to experience pleasure. People with schizophrenia who experience this often describe life as being grey or empty, devoid of the normal emotional ups and downs that we all take for granted7. Others have described it as feeling empty or hollow10.

7. Sexual problems

There may be a significant reduction or total absence of libido (sex drive), men may experience problems in achieving erections and both men and women may have problems achieving an orgasm (anorgasmia).

8. Lethargy / Lack of Energy

People with schizophrenia experiencing negative symptoms will often have a profound lack of energy and find it difficult to do any more than light activity. This may lead to them spending a large part of the day in bed or watching television.

Cognitive symptoms

They include the following:

  1. poor ability to absorb and interpret information and make decisions based on that information
  2. inability to sustain attention, and
  3. Poor ability to keep recently learned information in mind and use it right away

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@SzAdmin Do u have any updates on OMS824…???

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I think this drug has failed…!!!

Their web site says this:

In our schizophrenia program, we have completed a Phase 2a trial evaluating OMS824’s tolerability, safety, pharmacokinetics, potential interactions with concomitant antipsychotic medications, and potential effects on cognition using a battery of cognitive tests in patients with schizophrenia. The drug was well tolerated in this trial and demonstrated comparable systemic pharmacokinetics when administered alone and concomitantly with approved antipsychotic agents.

As we announced in October 2014, clinical trials evaluating OMS824 in schizophrenia are suspended currently at the request of the FDA.

Given that there was no active schizophrenia trial at the time of program suspension, the FDA will address the OMS824 schizophrenia program when we have a related trial protocol ready for initiation.

So yes - I think it has failed.

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Its always tha same story. Meds fail trials or are simply discontinued. And the waiting continues

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So to Say More Clearly ,

What About Draining Out , Slowly , tha Meds We All Take Now , and Ease 50/50 , Towards Holistic Amplifications … , As We Pin-Point tha Negative , Negatives of What Can Cure tha “positive” and (OR) tha “negative” Symptoms … ,

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