Older kids (especially girls) and starvation diets

I remember going thru a stage of starvation dieting with some of the other girls. One of the mothers was strong enough to crack down on her daughter and make her eat. I wish my mother had. After awhile, you don’t even get hungry anymore and think there is nothing wrong with not eating. Not good.

My kid sis is fighting anorexia and she’s going through that as well. Has no idea when she’s hungry, it doesn’t register anymore.

I can remember not so long ago waiting all day to eat my one packet of flavored oatmeal, and thinking it was too much food. I actually ate it in the dark, around 2AM because I didn’t want anyone seeing me eat.
This was when I weighed in at the psych hospital late one evening at 94Lbs.
I also would wake up and raid the refrigerator, and eat just a handful of whatever happened to be in there-not much…and think I had just instantly put on 10Lbs.
Those days are long gone.

When I’m really sick and depression sets in, I stop eating.

Toward the end 2 diet cokes and two - or one cracker… I remember I lost 5 lbs that week. My ankles got huge because I was digesting only protein - my own muscles.