Olanzapine and exercize


Hello I have bipolar disorder and my doctor prescribed olanzapine for me and he is decreasing the dose, does the med affect my athletic performance wile taking it,in about 2 months my doctor will stop the med


Sadly yes, an antipsychotic makes working out harder since it’s a tranquilizer.


I was on 12.5mg now i am on 10mg in about a month my doctor will decrease the dose to 5mg and then he will decrease the dose weekly to 0mg


Good luck with that.


Olanzapine makes me eat 6 ice cream sandwichs in one day,i ganed 10kg in 2 weeks from 57kg to 67kg


Olanzapine is the second worst antipsychotic for weight gain, second to Clozapine.


I know :persevere:, but its better than risperdal for exercizing right ?


I read that it’s harder to sweat on risperidone, and it makes your heart beat faster, but people do exercise on it.


After stopping meds my doctor told me you will exersize better than before.


my doctor told me that tegratol is good for exercing is that true


If the doc believes it maybe there is something to that, but I read that drug makes you drowsy.


I read that Ashwagandha can lower exercise tolerance. It’s pretty safe, too.


Umm, jumping from 5mg to zero might make you feel really bad. I tapered down to like 0.625, and stopped when I started seroquel. And I was a mess for 2-3 months. I only took it a few months total. Each drop down in dose was awful. Maybe you’ll do ok though? I just know my symptoms got really bad there for a while.