Ok this is most definitely the best I have ever sang

Its like hard rock and I really think this one is the one to beat in the future for me!

Hope you enjoy :smile:


You dont have a bad voice at all. Sounds quite unique but maybe needs tuning


Thanks! Yeah I def went flat sometimes but this is for sure the most complex (and high) melody Ive ever attempted with my voice so Im happy with it

It’s too bad I no longer have the audio of me singing run to the hills by iron maiden it was so bad it was epic


Haha would love to hear it! I used to suck like you wouldnt believe

I should post one of my fail songs next lmao

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Gonna give this a listen as soon as I can dude! @iconoclast_01 you may like this!


You’re right!! Good stuff!!


Thank man! :smile: 1515

From my very short days learning singing you seem to need to focus on projecting your voice more and cleaning the sound since it vibrates even when it’s unneeded a bit too much. Other than that you have a good voice, certainly worth pursuing, if you found a good teacher you could make massive improvements in a very short while, your voice is good.

Cool work thanks for sharing