Ok... need help with a household tip

This is too much. I have ONE plain white button down shirt left.

Does anyone know how to get mascara stains out of a basic white button down shirt? My kid sis cried on me again.

Exam panic has reared it’s ugly head for my sis and I can’t get more shirts until next week when the extra long’s come in.

Like I said in the family section… I tried flattery so my sis would stop waring mascara. She doesn’t need it. (does anyone?) But it didn’t work.

I told her she didn’t have to use mascara to emphasize her eyes… When she wares her glasses, that makes her eyes look big enough, she doesn’t need to make them look bigger. I can’t believe that didn’t cheer her up.
I thought mascara was water proof these days.

Oh no…Your shirt may be doomed ! idk really. bleach but if you use it too strong it will make the fabric fall apart.
i would just wear a different shirt.

I have clothes around here with so many stains from various things I don’t even bother any more to remove them…plus a lot of it is house paint or redwood stain. Fingernail polish from when the kids got into that…
One shirt has small stains of purple & pink glitter nail polish…I thought I should just add more to it to make it look even LOL…I didn’t though…

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I’m packing my last clean shirt in a bag. I’m in meetings today and a final tonight. I usually just get more, but I’m tall and off the rack never fits me right. I’ll just keep the clean shirt in the bag until the meeting and then change. But I was hoping to save the other shirts.

Poor kid, I hate seeing this much exam panic.

Strange to hear final exams going on in June…I thought everyone gets done in May?

Oh, here:

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This is our last week. :smile: It will all be over for me today.

The sis has one today, two tomorrow and one on Thursday.

Thank you for the link. I’ll be doing that now.

Try Oxi-clean, or any kind of stain remover with oxi-clean in it. It works wonders for most hard-to-remove stains for me.

My daughter has the most big beautiful blue eyes with eyelashes galore, and she too loads up on the mascara, idk:)

Make a baking soda past with a little bit of water and rub into the stain. If that does not work DO NOT PUT THE SHIRT IN THE DRYER. MAKE SURE YOU WASH IN COLD WATER. This way you can try another tactic if the baking soda does not work.

Try using make-up remover or a sponge soaked in dish washing detergent. Either of these should dissolve the mascara.

I’ve heard apple cider vinegar works too.

Oh yeah… I’ve used that on tar stains before with some success but it doesn’t get it all out. that’s roofing tar though…real messy stuff. I’ll even use paint thinner/turpentine for hard stains, but that stuff is really strong. It takes like 2 good washes to get the smell out. that’s why i didn’t suggest it earlier because he needed the shirt right away… it probably would take out mascara though…