Oh God What Next

of all of the disgusting things you could think about is that people on any given day will fart at least 20 times in the morning and 20 times at night you would think that we would devise some way to make this less offensive things like beano and gasX work in the stomach why not have something like fart pads that would change the structure of the fart into something better its gotta be better than a butt mint, something you stick up your butt to make it smell better. Most people using powder these days don’t realize its flaking and falling on the floor underneath you, if you have any good ideas or comments please post it now.


i fart in silence. farting in silence is harder to do when i cut the hair down there. but i cut the hair, to keep clean. so i’m in quite the situation


Unclear body… work that body


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They make them

Also google Shreddies underwear.


You have to be seriously gassy to invest in butt mints. Wow. Well…they might actually help people. who knows.

Us kids gave my oldest brother a gigantic cork - like the ones for decorative bottles- for Christmas one time. He found it rather offensive, but it was well needed.

In other news, Subtle Butt is my new nickname for random arseholes.