Ocean child

I haven’t been in the ocean for ages and I spent an hour or so there today. Feel so refreshed. I highly recommend any of you out there that are all cooped up and feeling seedy to get out there and get some salt water and sun on your skin!


Yes I want to go so bad

When I was a kid we used to visit Ocean City, Maryland and I’d dive into the waves at the beach. I’d get all salty and then come in and eat Candy Kitchen marshmallow fudge. Those were the good times.

I haven’t been to a proper beach since then. I moved to California and my very first summer here was pretty much ruined by the corona virus.

Used to go to the beach a couple times a week in high school during Summer vacation. All we brought was a towel, a frisbee or football, and a bag lunch. Also usually beer and some pot. I wouldn’t recommend it but we used to drink a beer or two and smoke a joint between the three of us and then go swimming in the ocean for an hour or an hour and a half. We fancied yourself as really good body surfers. We would get to the beach by 8:00 am and stay until the sun starting going down and it got cold, around 6:30 pm or 7:00 pm.

Sounds like a dream @77nick77

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I grew up in lake town, different kind of beach but same ideas.

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I use to go the beach at South Padre Island in Texas my aunt and uncle own a condo right on the beach and I use to live down there it was fun I miss going in the jacuzzi and there was a water park right next door

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My first 11 years were on an Island off the coast in the Pacific. Lived both on the surf side and the passage side. It was fun. We’d just kick around but we’d rarely swim unless it was summer and hot. Still have memories of sleeping to the breakers…really put you to sleep. Used to go back and holiday with my grandparents who also lived on the Island and do a lot of fishing. Sadly there’s very little fish out there anymore.


@rogueone you grew up on an island? Sounds amazing. And yeah love when I lived right on the coast and slept to the crashing waves at night.


I live close to the beach and at night when all is quiet I can hear the shhhhh of the sea. Love it! Love walking on beach too and my husband and I park by the beach and watch the surfers


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