Nurse said 4 months on invega sustenna then I can switch to trinza


That never happened…

I had to end up getting an increase 3 months ago after being on it since the end of October. How long do I have to be on the 234mg so I can only go every 3 months (trinza) instead of 1 (sustenna)?


Should be 4 months

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It’s kinda nice with lesser injections but I’m fed up with Invega! Gonna refuse the next shot at the end of the month. Want to be able to laugh and cry again. Been on Trinza the last 17 months.


My depot nurse has mentioned about moving me onto the three monthly version. It takes time though, as pinning down a pdoc to sanction the change isn’t easy.

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Would this be the ‘trinza’ preparation?

Edit no need to answer just read the thread

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I think so.151515


Yeah i think that depot is becoming popular in the uk

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they approached me with the idea of going on trinza a few months ago. I was having so many side effects from the 234mg I didn’t want to switch to a higher dose. seems like it would be ■■■■ the first couple of months, then better the 3rd month. I don’t mind going once a month so I decided to stay on the sustenna.


You have a point. Thanks for that point

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