Nurse problems

i think my nurse thinks I am faking it. Because she never booked an appointment for my next injection, then when I text her she just so happened to forget to reply, it’s as if she wanted me to miss my next injection. Also my invega prescription was voided at the pharmacy which wasn’t my doctor because he’s the one that brought it up. .

I doubt she thinks you’re faking it. She’s just forgetful. And you are just paranoid. A nurse can’t go against a pdoc’s order.

It’s just cpincidence. Could be the paranoia a bit kicking in
Just remember, even if it was true you could always just go to a different doctor to get a second and third opinion. Lots of people do that to make sure. What one doc believes another might not :slight_smile: but yeah, I wouldn’t worry about it. I’d just call to remind the pharmacy

Yeah I guess she couldn’t I just wonder where the pharmacy got that it was void from.

My guess is that either someone has a similar name to yours, or for some other reason they inputted the information incorrectly. Either at the pharmacy or your doctor’s office. Could be as simple as a typo or a form in the wrong stack. Mistakes happen. Fortunately you didn’t get the wrong med altogether.