Now that I'm an adult I can

Eat all the raw cookie dough I want. Ha ha ha!


good way to get salmonella dude…don’t do that…unless it’s for eating without raw eggs.

I’ve been using raw eggs in everything for three decades without issue. Simply clean the exterior of the eggs before using (which is something everyone should be doing). The inside of the egg is sterile - the illness lives on the exterior of the shell.

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oh no, not me…I ain’t eating any raw eggs…good for you.

Chocolate chip cookie dough is the best. Especially in ice cream.

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They teach chefs this as part of food safety.

The raw flour can have viruses and germs.

Yes, but extremely low risk. Much higher risk from the flour than properly washed raw eggs. Medium rare beef is also very mildly risky. It boils down to if you actually want to enjoy life or not.

Pass the cookie dough ice cream.

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I have farm fresh eggs daily. They get washed and I have no problem tasting my batters and doughs. Been doing it for 30+ years.


I used to think that too, but… Most of the salmonella comes from the eggs shell, not the egg itself. They put warnings as a precaution, for legal reasons, but it’s very rare raw eggs actually have salmonella.

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I have been craving chocolate chip cookie dough all morning now.

Darn it.

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well cool to know @fractaled I am just too conditioned to not do it…I will remember that if I ever decide to.

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I drink raw eggs. Its just faster lol

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