Now back to 3

I had to start a 3rd antipsychotic pill today. I saw my therapist and I didn’t want to be hospitalized.

I really didn’t want to take 3 but I cannot go back to court orders, hospitals, my family and the entire world being 100% against me, and voices and foreign thoughts dictating what I do.

I don’t feel any different and I took my first dose 1 mg about 4 hours ago.


Always gotta give these meds at least a month or 2!

My pdoc is thinking of adding a second AP to my prescription


Beautifull flower Plant I am with you in the struggle all the way and we all are.
I’m starting to get back to basic level after I got uppered to 900 mg qutiapine. I try not to be to activ in writing in this forum because that I don’t want to annoy people here on this forum. I’m also afraid to give people here bad advices.
Until 1 year ago I was on 3 antipsychotics at the same time. It was a bad combination because one drug was very activating and the other two were very calming. So one year ago I quit the very activating drug and were therfore uppered in one of the very Calming antipsychotics. It took 8 month to get used to but now I feel fine again.
If I remember right are you on Abilify, brexpiprazole and Zyprexa.
Abilify+Brexpiprazole is almost identical just like risperdal+invega are.

So you are more on like two antipsychotics (the zoles+Zyprexa).

Continue the good work. Just take your meds and then it’ll all work out.
I was on 3 antipsychotics for 12 years and I’m still alive and I’m soon hitting the 54 years line.

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I’m so sorry, but I think it’s great you are trying to avoid all of the positive symptoms that make life cruddy. I wish you the best.