Isn't it beatiful?

When you suddenly find your self capable of FEELING Deep
Instead of just THINKING about feeling?
But kind of sad, when you realize that the reason why you feel is because you forgot your meds for couple of days. And now you remember how, you used to be, before you were zombified.
And No I’m not suggesting that People should flush their pills, just wanted to share with you.

Are you stable?

Could you talk to your pdoc about decreasing your meds?

It might make you feel better.

When I was on Seroquel, I felt like a zombie.

I quit cold turkey and it was a nightmare.

Years later I was on Abilify for 3 years.

I slowly decreased my dose and now I’m fairly stable off APs.

Not saying everyone can do that.

But if you’re feeling like this it’s worth asking your doctor.


I think I could quit it.
I’m on olanzapine 2,5 mg (the smallest dosage possible). But of course I will ask for my pdoc’s advice And support.
But I think he might suggest that I’m changing meds rather than quitting completely.
That’s sad, because I do believe that what I need is an antidepressant rather than antipsychotic.
Oh and sorry to hear what happened when you quitted seroquel, did the same Thing 3 years ago and my sleep was messed up for 3 weeks or so.

That is exactly what I told my doctor.

He put me on Wellbutrin and I feel pretty good.

I have bad days, just like everyone else,

But I feel more alive.

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What is wellbutrin is this an antidepressant or a antipsychotic?

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I take the highest dose allowed,

But it’s an improvement.

I think if your pdoc wants to try another AP, you should give it a shot.

If that doesn’t help, talk to him about your options.

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I quit olanzapine 4 months ago tomorrow and my sleep is still messed up. If you do quit olanzapine and switch to something else I hope you don’t have the same problem I’m having, it’s been brutal. But I was on a much much higher dose of olanzapine than you, 40mg.

I’ve tried going off olanzapine several times since 2012 because of all the side effects and every time I developed awful insomnia. There are a lot of people who complain about the same thing on various other forums and websites, there is Facebook group for it too. Some people are able to quit without any problems, hopefully your one of those.

I switched to Lurasidone and all my health problems and side effects from olanzapine went away, best thing I’ve tried.

I wish I felt more. I still don’t have a wide variety of feelings or feel very deeply, other than happiness and laughter sometimes.

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Thank you for sharing. I have been thinking of you and your story with olanzapine, it sounds like a dangerous dosage you were on. I Hope you’ll recover from the insomnia very soon I’m sorry you have to go through that.
Yes the side effects are the whole reason why I’m sick of the meds.
I’m happy to hear that you do feel happy and joyful sometimes.

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Yeah, the more stories I hear from people that are on it the more I am wondering what the pdoc was thinking. They didn’t even try 10,15,20mg. They went straight to 40mg.

As I was tapering down I was stable until I hit 10mg, then I started to become psychotic. So I would have been fine with 15mg or 20mg from the get go.

The manufacturer recommends a max dose of 20mg so 40mg seems insane now, but back then I didn’t know anything about these meds or schizophrenia so I just trusted the pdoc.

The odd thing is I am on a “weaker” ap now (Lurasidone) and a relatively lower dose (60mg) and am totally stable and doing much better.

Thanks, me too.

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