Not so sure man has free will

I know it’s inherent in the Judeo-Christian doctrine that man’s fall from grace was a matter that assumed his free will. I’m just not sure there was choice in all of my behavior.

God can forgive any of our sins.
He sent his son Jesus Christ to pay for any fall from grace.
I know that sometimes people with sz can do strange things. But God judges our hearts and he understands our circumstances.

May we all enjoy the peace of Christ as we await his birthday this month. :birthday:

That’s Christianity very clearly stated but what worries me to an ulcer is the idea of Jesus being a scape goat. I don’t want that.

Don’t worry. God and Jesus love us. He died for sins for everyone.
Jesus used his free will to die for us.
He could have ordered angels to rescue him but he followed the will of his father who created us all.

God loves you and he doesn’t want you to get an ulcer. So don’t worry.
I worry about too much too when I should just try to relax and thank God for everything good.


The subject of free will is interesting to me. I haven’t come to a clear conclusion as to whether or not I have true free will or not. If your will can be heavily manipulated with a near 100% success rate, is it really free will?

If I think to myself, " I want to make chordy say the word blue" and then I walk up to you and say " hey chordy, what color is the sky" and you say blue, did I make you do that? You wouldn’t have said it if I didn’t ask that question. Getting you to say blue was the only reason I asked.

I’m not sure what my point is. I think about things like this sometimes :thinking:

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It was my choice to sleep in this morning or get up and go to the store. I chose the store. No one told me to, no one forced, co-orced, or manipulated me to.

You have a clear mind. It is when my mind is not clear that I doubt I have control of my will.

My will is to only do good things. But I still make mistakes.
So I try to follow the will of God. Then it’s all good.
Yes there can be scary times when we can be out of control. But only God is in control of the world.

I see a lot of expensive will, myself.

Now since the so called True God and True Jesus have arranged the idea of sins being forgiven, this can be seen as an example to be followed. Thus we must find the most innocent folk of this world, and have them pay jail time, and/or the death penalty, for all of the criminals/killers of this world. Or maybe NOT !

The point being, is that I think that the Devil should pay for the sins, not the good guy, but the religious folk disagree.

I wonder if we start making mistakes me we lose our humility and become self righteous.

Self righteousness is a dangerous thing.

Instead, one must take the entirety of all reality into account before any conclusions are drawn.


Certainly not the married ones.



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He has to live in hell for all eternity with all the bad guys.
Earth will be gone, maybe sooner than I ever thought since some are trying to push for the apocalypse.
Some may think they’re going to heaven and 24 virgins. But God has other plans.

Is the rent cheap there ?

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The rent is paid in blood. Shedding innocent blood lands you in hell as the terrorists will find.

The rent for heaven was paid by Christ by his innocent blood.

So Christ is stuck in Hell ??

It’s not that we have inherent full control of our bodies, but that we should be allowed the chance to reach individual full potential, whether different or the same.

Chordy is your avatar coffee because I realized that and I’m drinking coffee bored outta my mind. Just got a second job interview so go me. I don’t need medication anymore I think. I am now unofficially not Bipolar1 and I am not having any episodes of moods or anything else. The only thing that bothers me is the notion that I fell in through the cracks.

Yeah, I can understand that. When your mind is clear, life is a series of choices, right?


Most (real) philosophers agree that free will does not exist.