Not allowing a baby to suck his thumb

gives baby the idea that he can’t trust his own self.

Or anyone else…

To a baby, sucking his/her thumb is like drugs.

When I was in third grade, there was this kid who would suck his first and middle finger at the same time. He was still doing it when I last saw him in 5th grade.

Yeah, and I’ll bet he never took up smoking.

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I sense a connection there…

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I remember the exact moment when I stopped sucking my thumb. They had put me to bed + when they thought I was asleep they painted this stuff from a bottle on my thumb that stings the mouth. I knew what they were doing. I had heard them talking. I put my thumb in my mouth, knowing. And quit, resigned to be in their world.

But…12 or so years later I did become the only smoker in my whole family.

A bit of glee. Hehehe.


I don’t remember thumb sucking. I’m told I was always chewing on door jams and crib rails. I loved chewing on stuff. I’m still an ice chewer. I can’t help it. I love chewing on ice.

My sis did suck her thumb for a bit, but she teethed on me. I laugh a little because she stopped sucking her thumb when her teeth came in and she accidently bit herself. I hate to admit this, but I got her a rubber doggie chew toy and she was pretty happy with that. I never told my parents I got if from the pet store.

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i think you just damaged her personal growth, hopefully your sis won’t read that one !?!
take care

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