No power, no coffee!

The power has been off to our house since I woke up. Everything is dead-no refridgerator, no toaster, no coffee!
How do they expect me to function without coffee?
And wouldn’t you know it, my phone only has 11% power and it’s eating it up fast. No wifi, no computer, no lights, and wordt of all-
No TOAST. Nothing crispy, nothing buttery, nothing crunchy.

What happened?
Oh the conspiracies are growing!
Was it a bomb?
Is our house going to be invaded?
No coffee!
I’m going back to bed.


That’s life, really.

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Use your 11% wisely :slight_smile:


Let us know when you made it to the other side. Welcome to the upside down

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That really sucks the big crispy one.
We pay good money for that electricity too, PG&E turn it back on you stinkheads.
So not in the mood for this shiiit.
At least the neighbors can’t turn onntheir loud power tools- bwahhaha.
Ooh, maybe I will go back to bed!
Phone’s at 9%!

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Hehehe what a brat I am.
The power just went back on, but the refrigerator keeps beeping and the freezer light keeps blinking between the numbers 3 and 16?
Darn the neighbors turned on their stupid leaf blowers.

Funny how a bit of disruption in my day throws me so far off…and I’m not very nice in the mornings😕


Sounds like time to buy a generator if that happens a lot

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Or a solar powered coffee machine! That would be all I really need.
Camping store?