No leather craft after all...too expensive

The fact that I will miraculously pick up a new effort demanding hobby made me decide not to do leather craft…it might be fun but I’d rather have the money…


do give up to soon, back in the 70’s my family would make saddle bag purses 25 of them a month at 50 a pop. and are cost was 550 buck per purse. we made ciggs holders, key rings and sex whips. but things did go up, a sheet of cow pelt is running 75 to 100. tanned but the nice thing is my kids are making custom cell phone holders and hair pieces, what did you have in mind in making?


I feel ya. My family is after me to get chickens, but it’d be too expensive. So i have to wait


@DrZen I just wanted to make bookmarks , bracelets, and coasters…but it is just too much money when I don’t even know if I would do it once I bought the stuff which is really making me not want to buy it…


Sorry it’s to expensive… I know you’ve wanted to do that for a while now


Yup! Raw materials are spendy for sure when I was looking into the hobby.

The tools to start aren’t too bad but those skins are crazy prices.

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yes, the cost of the precut leather was expensive and I wasn’t even doing whole kits…! @Twialine thanks, it’s not so bad…

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Squirrelette tried to take this up as a hobby and stick me with the bill. Dude, I work and we couldn’t afford it either. Don’t feel bad, it’s a wildly expensive craft. Up there with pottery and stained glass, I’m sure.

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