No hope now

Got I’ll. spoke to support worker and basically she said I’d just have to live with it, she feels the doc wront do anything with my meds so I’m stuck with it
She said getting back to college might help
It is very sad I feel like crying

If you can demonstrate stability over a substantial period of time they will probably let you decrease your med’s. It’s not the end of the world.

Hang in there @shellys12 - You will see better days

This may just be a bad day or a bad week for you- I have them, believe me on that, I do. If this persists, and if your symptoms increase to the point of interfering with your base rate of functioning (we all have our personal best, functioning is relative for the most part in respect to our individual cases), do make an emergency appointment with your psychiatrist. You don’t deserve to just suffer. That is against their Hippocratic Oath which is some stuff they are held to withhold for their careers.

It’s up to you to tell if you are having a bad spell or the onset of a relapse. I have filled out warning signs workbooks and such, but I don’t even use them, I can tell from experience when I am losing it.

If you are having a relapse (I don’t know what exactly you meant by “got ill”) you should consider taking a higher dose of your primary medication -or- taking an additional lower dose of a second medication in addition to your primary one for a month or so. My secondary med is zyprexa, I have had to take it for a month to contain a relapse from becoming absolutely crippling.

And support worker? Wtf. You need a clinical shrink. Schizophrenia is a serious disorder which requires serious treatment. I don’t disrespect social workers or counsellors or whatever, but I don’t consider them qualified to handle my mind and know for a fact that they cannot even touch my brain. That’s just how it is.

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Please don’t believe the no hope Nellies.

I had a doc who told me all sorts of no hope stuff… I really made me give up.

I’d say… talk to your doc for yourself… get the words from the sources… not second hand.

Brains and situations change… What might be a situation today… isn’t how it is for tomorrow.

I hope you feel better soon…

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you cannot get rid of ’ hope ’ … :rainbow:
no more than you can get rid of ’ love ‘… :heartbeat:
our lives change…
i find that if we work hard towards a better future for ourselves or others…
our circumstances yes may not change…
we maybe still as poor as we were before…
but something inside us does change…something grows inside us like a flower. :sunflower:
it weaves through our bodies, through our veins…eventually reaching our mind…
and places a seed in there…’ .hope.’ :rainbow:
take care :alien: