Depressed folks

I’m heading into a severe depression. I may be hospitalized for the ninetieth time. I’m hearing people yell at me almost constantly. I can’t take no more.

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Keep fighting to move forward to better health. We’ve all had enough of this illness, but there’s always light from the right meds/therapy and from helping one another. I wish I could pull you to the side of healing.

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I’m about to give up.

I know the feeling. Are you on meds??

We love you roxs and need you on this forum.


Im sorry things are so hard if you feel unsafe please go to the hospital

Stay strong Roxanna

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I’m so sorry you’re this fed up and tired. I want you to get relief. Keep trying, keep searching.

I hope you find a treatment that works.

If you’ve exhausted all other medicines try electric shock, if its that serious you need to try all your outs before giving up.

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Will you go to the hospital if you feel you have to?

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Yes. I’ve quit some of them which is big no no.

I can’t straight out my pills.

It is. So please keep trying. Anti-depressants are important for a lot of us, because without them we falsely feel doomed. The newer anti-psychotics not only work for hallucinations like voices; they also slowly increase the activity of serotonin, which further improves mood and outlook.


Are you taking your medication, because if you skip even for a day things can go downhill.


I have bad depression. If it’s not one thing bothering me, it’s another. Lot’s of bad thoughts and trouble having a sense of humor.

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How are you doing now?

Depression is sometimes worse than psychosis it sucks the life out of everything I only have depression for a month or so after a relapse but then stabilise to normal levels

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