No drinking in the Lounge

Just went downstairs to get a 20oz bottle of Green Tea out of the vending machine. The Manager had a sign up saying No Drinking or you would get a lease violation and your lease terminated (evicted).

They just reopened the Lounge after it was closed due to Covid19, and now this problem. We have a new Manager now, and it looks like she isn’t going to put up with it. I don’t see why people have to wander around the building drinking. Why don’t they just stay in their apartments?

I’m a recovering alcoholic, and it’s not helpful for me to be around people drinking.


Are you sure she doesn’t mean drinking any liquid, just because it makes you take off your mask?

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She said alcohol specifically.

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Oh. I’m sorry, but it is good your manager is standing up for your right to feel safe in your home.

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Thanks ninjastar. So far I like her.

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I went downstairs and checked the sign again to make sure I’m not seeing things. It says, There will be no more drinking alcohol…

Illicit drugs are banned from the building and your apartment for some time now. They evict you if caught.

Oops, I mean AM…

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HopeSeeker is drunk. Also see Religion and Schizophrenia thread.

I checked my lease and it says no alcohol in the common areas, so the Manager is right.

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