No clothes

O @everhopeful
My roommate has left for five days
Naked challenge? If you
Are not here, why bother?


I miss him too ;( I think a lot of us do.


I stay naked except for my boxers when it’s hot…haha…and it’s hot right now…haha…

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He always replied to my stuff. I miss him a lot.

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I know, he always made me laugh.

I was all excited for the naked challenge, because those threads with you two are always so much fun, but then the realization hit :crying_cat_face:

He’s a good guy, one of my favorites on here.
I really hope that he is well.

Um… Naked challenge with teen daughter in the house. I expect to last ten minutes at most before the inevitable OHMYGODDAD! Not bothering to avoid issues with child services.

Yes, I admit to taking full advantage of the fact that my cats can’t lodge a complaint against me.


That made me laugh :slight_smile:

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