News about Roluperidone/MIN-101

See this article here: www psychiatrist com/JCP/article/Pages/2018/v79n03/17m11753.aspx (new users can’t post links)



I think min-101 is really great, but I want to try iti-007 so bad.



Nice find, excellent news.

"the effect of roluperidone on BDNF suggests that this investigational compound may have the potential for disease modification and improved neuroplasticity."

“These findings, along with the clinical results seen during the phase 2b study, suggest the potential of roluperidone to change the overall course of schizophrenia,” said Dr. Remy Luthringer, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Minerva. “In addition, the BDNF findings are paving the way to explore roluperidone’s therapeutic potential beyond schizophrenia.”"

Wouldn’t that be something.


How about the safety of this drug?

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I think this should be in the news section.

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How can I get MIN-101?

Where r u from…??? @anon9805972 …!!!

I’m from Germany. I got here Cariprazine/Vraylar when it was only available in the US.

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@anon9805972 was up …??? MIN 101 has not passed its third phase…!!! It is still to be marketed… lets wait for 3 years…!!!

A psychiatrist told me that he expects it to be available end 2019/beginning2020 if it passes phase III.


Yes u are right…!!! Lets wait…!!!


Regarding the safety:

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Has anyone news from the November 20 “Roluperidone Update and Key Opinion Leader Event” on On the first 3 Google results for “Roluperidone” there are no news after that date …

Great! This med has even a name now. Nice to read that it improves neuroplasticity.

Edit: but I wouldn’t change my meds combination for MIN-101. My combo is working so great…

What class of drug is MIN 101? Is it an AP?

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It is an AP. Originally for primarily negative symptoms, (still in the testing phase) but they’ve apparently reformulated it to make higher doses safer, and think it might work for more positive symptoms too.

You may have already seen this but this is the latest I know of.

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Yes, I have seen this, thanks. I am looking for news after November 20.

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