New years schedule, need 4 extra hours a day

5am wake veggie juice
530-630am breakfast
630am quick shower and shave
7am commute to work
730am-4pm work or look for work, eat lunch
4pm commute home from work
430pm-530pm eat dinner
530pm- say hello to internet
6pm-8pm workout
8pm-9pm shower groom etc
9pm-10pm pre bed meal
10pm-5am sleep.

I could use an extra 4 hours, 2 hours to read or study, and a couple hours to practice guitar but don’t have the time.


wow, you are an extremely busy individual, its hard to imagine you have an illness lol,
idk what you can do but yeah i need my ‘me’ time or i’d lose it, well done :clap: :clap: :clap: keep it up :+1:

maybe you could shave a bit off here and there idk

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it’s just the plan starting new year’s day. I have a lot of free time until then. im kind of chomping at the bit as they say, I’ve had a lot of free time these past 6 years, and would like to go back to work, I think im ready and stable for a couple years now.

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I thought i was ready for work a long time ago but now i know i would not have been able to cut it, i have been trying my best though and thats all i can do.

same with anyone who reads this post, no matter how hard things are for you check my motto 'do your best, forget the rest’

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That sounds really hard to adhere to, especially with sedative antipsychotics. But good luck!

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retooled my schedule some, im not going to be working full time, but part time instead. here it is.

5am, wake, consume veggie juice
530am stretch and run
6am eat breakfast
7am quick shower and shave
730am-1030am study
1030am-1130am eat lunch
1130am commute to work
noon to 4pm work, or look for work
4pm commute home
430pm-530pm eat dinner
530pm say hello to internet
6pm-8pm workout
8pm shower groom, etc
9pm pre bed meal
10pm-5am sleep.

Do you need to workout for 2 hours? That seems like a lot. What would you do for 2 hours working out? Do you workout that much now? Maybe you could workout for an hour and play your guitar for an hour. Give your fingers a workout too. That way you won’t burn out.

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I try to schedule everyday too, but it is hard to keep up. Do you have any ways to follow your schedule? I have a lot of motivations every in the morning but get sedated in the afternoon.

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