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Hi. I’m a twenty two year old, recently diagnosed with schizophrenia. I’ve only had the diagnosis for about two or three months now, and I’m having my first go of it, medication wise. I’m not entirely sure what this site is, or if I’m using this correctly at all, but I was thrilled to find out it exists. I’ve never met another person like me, at least in this regard, and the thought leaves me a tad cold. I know caring about representations in the media and whatnot is silly, but I’d really like to know there’s a fate for me that isn’t trapped in the confines of some ward or my own mind, or worse, a real harm to others. So, anyone who would be willing to talk, I’d deeply appreciate it.


Hi you are using this site right and I too was diagnosed at age 22 I’m now 24 and there is the possibility of life where you well have a life. I myself am trying for disability and have a guy I’m dating and although I live with my mom and step dad I know someday I’ll live on my own, also I own a car and can drive!

Hi welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Thank you for replying, that’s quite a comfort to hear. Does the feeling that comes along with the meds get easier to deal with over time? I mean the close to apathy, stripped of everything feeling?

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Hi, and welcome :slight_smile: you must’ve been through some rough times recently…

There is! for now it’s important to keep working with your doctor and perhaps therapist. I suppose you might still suffer some symptoms now that you have just started medication? There’s a very good chance you’ll find relief from them, it can take a while for these medications to work… and when they do, this illness might be as tricky as to trick you into thinking there never really was an illness to begin with…

welcoem to the forum!!!


For me yes although my meds still make me very tired.

I was diagnosed at 22 but that was over 7 years ago, some meds may make you feel tired, others may make you manic but it could take a while for meds to work correctly and to find the right ones.

one of the meds I took made me gain weight, so I’d watch out for that. Make sure not to settle and find the best med for you. My pills right now has few side effects besides making me impatient and repetitive. There’s some cognitive and negative symptoms like lack of motivation and confusion that sometimes show up. Most people have to live with this though I’m starting to recover from them. I haven’t been ill very long yet so I’m mostly trying to live normally as much as possible. I got a temporary job which I recommend as a starting point since its low stress. I feel things are manageable if you make efforts to be happy by going out once in a while, being healthy, and keeping busy.

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Hi Malrose,

I diagnosted with schizofrenia when i was 20. I’m 36 now. I had episodes in my life that i could handle my illness and there where moments it was a stuggle. It have cost myself 15 years to find a good doc. It helped me to talk about my illness and never be ashamed of it. The first 15 years the docs thought give meds was the solution. I finaly found a doc who thinks the same about meds as i do. I think meds can help but is for 99 % not the solution. Finding a way to live with your voices combined with a little meds was the best solution for me. I hope you will find a doc who can be trust and who is carefull with giving you meds. It might cost a little time to find a way for you that will handle your illness. Remember that you’re not alone and that there will be great days for you in the future. Some days can feel like a dark cloud and another day can feel like a lovely sunny 1. Never give up faith and always trust in yourself! When you like to know something, let me know.

For me a maximum dose of medication was what was needed. I was under medicated for years and really struggled. Don’t dismiss the meds before you try them.

They can really help.

@JayJay. You are spewing misinformation. Where are you getting your statistics?

An active psychosis is much more than just voices. The meds quell many more symptoms than just those alone. When I am psychotic I lose my memory and am not even aware of what I am doing when conscious.

Sick people need drugs or they wouldn’t be sick in the first place. An unmedicated schizophrenic is just asking to be locked in a hospital ward and to not see the light of day.

There is no way 99% get by without meds. We wouldn’t need the meds at all if that were the case.

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I was diagnosed 8 years ago.

Some meds didn’t work but now I have one that does.

Sometimes I work full-time but I prefer part-time.

I have setbacks once in awhile but that’s probably my fault for drinking.

You caught this early so they say you have a great chance of succeeding this disease with meds and having a normal life.

I’m working on a new website project in the future to promote some businesses. Stay as busy as you feel you can.

Try to exercise and eat well.

Welcome to the forum.

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You understand me I think wrong. What I mean to say is that in 99% of the cases, medicines do not make sure the problems are resolved. This does not mean that these 99% also do not have to take medication, most of them sure do. However, any form of therapy will be necessary to make the problems harmful. Let’s say that 1% is lucky that drugs are eliminating their problems.

Well I agree with you that meds don’t eliminate all of your problems (I certainly wish they did) but they can certainly help keep you out of the psych ward.

Hi welcome!

Been a sza since I was in my early-20’s, now I’m turning 34. :slight_smile:
Was a wreck locked in sometimes violent psych wards going through my 20’s, finally found and STAYED on a MED that worked for me. Been taking it fairly consistently since like 2008-2009 and I was healthy enough to get back into university, finish up my undergrad degree, get into a Master’s program, graduate from that, and find part-time employment. I live on my own (albeit with section 8 help), drive, have an active cat at home, and real friends (some who know I’m sza, some who don’t).

There’s still room for more recover, as my goals include getting off section 8 and finding full time work to pay my own bills, getting into kickboxing again, losing weight, and taking an amateur fight, and either getting into a PhD program or finding a teaching job full time. :smiley:I never thought I’d be typing this, back when I was sick, I thought I was hopeless.

Recovery is possible! It sounds like you’re in a period of uncertainty right now and I hope you find a path that works good! I would recommend staying on meds and finding some hobbies that can keep you happy and grounded! Good luck and welcome again!

The memory thing, do you know any tricks to snap a mind out of that? I’m used to the dissociative eppsisodes, but my mind keeps going blank more and more as of late. Any advice?

I take my meds and I don’t blank out anymore.

It’s scary not knowing what you are doing.

If you throw suicidal and homicidal ideation into the mix you are looking at a very dangerous person unmedicated.