New study points to cannabis as trigger for schizophrenia

The research, conducted by Dr. Ran Barzilay and led by Prof. Dani Offen, both of TAU’s Sackler School of Medicine, finds that smoking pot or using cannabis in other ways during adolescence may serve as a catalyst for schizophrenia in individuals already susceptible to the disorder.

“Our research demonstrates that cannabis has a differential risk on susceptible versus non-susceptible individuals,” said Dr. Barzilay, principal investigator of the study. “In other words, young people with a genetic susceptibility to schizophrenia – those who have psychiatric disorders in their families – should bear in mind that they’re playing with fire if they smoke pot during adolescence.”

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you couldnt pay me to touch thc, that stuff makes me flip out like crazy.

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Yeh I don’t smoke pot anymore. When I was on high doses of abilify all I wanted to do is smoke pot. Now I’m on a low dose of abilify I don’t have a cannabis addiction.

Without antipsychotics THC makes me extremely depressed with racing heart and panic attacks. I hated being addicted to it, THC addiction is bad, it can rule your life.