Genetic vulnerability to schizophrenia is associated with cannabis use patterns during adolescence



I had the genetic predisposition (my father), and also I began smoking pot at the age of 17.


Is it genetic overlap or causation?


overlap. I’ve done a whole lot more than smoke some grass, and i know for a fact none of it was good for my brain


Doesnt this indicate causation instead of overlap. Drugs caused ur sz. No?


i dont think so. I had it genetically. both of my parents have mental illness.


As many have noted, the rates of smoking cannabis have widely changed yet the rate of schizophrenia has remained stable. It is possible that cannabis further enables a genetic predisposition to act in a manner that results in schizophrenia. It is also possible that people developing schizophrenia seek out novel experiences for one reason or another. Correlations studies do NOT prove causation