New Smartphone App in Research May help Identify Early Relapse Warning Signs

News just out of the UK:

Spotting signs that a psychotic episode is close can be hard - but succeeding means heading off a period of immense personal difficulty, and costly NHS treatment.

Emily Eisner, a Medical Research Council postgraduate student at the University of Manchester and winner of the MRC’s Max Perutz Science Writing Award 2015, is investigating how smartphone technology might help identify when people are at risk of an episode.

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More about the research study here:


Can they please develop an Iphone app that alerts you to the fact that your wife is about to walk around the corner when you’re drinking out of the milk carton.

I second that motion… I’d buy it in a second.

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It’s a bit Orwellian, but probably wouldn’t hurt if they used my food diary app (it now has email or you can use Dropsync with Dropbox) to track what they are eating too!

If anyone wants to try to crunch the data, they can analyze my diary for starts:

(Hint: first try plotting frequency of weekly mac and cheese vs. time and contrast that with the same graph for celery sticks :slight_smile: )