Fitbit data could help Schizophrenia sufferers Avoid Relapse

An early warning system for schizophrenia relapse, using Fitbit data and a smartphone app, could lead to dramatic improvements in treatment.

A group of London-based doctors and software engineers is developing the experimental system at London’s Bioinformatics Core of the National Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) and Dementia Unit. Working from the centre, where clinicians, software engineers and statisticians seek out patterns in vast medical datasets, the team is studying the sleep patterns of schizophrenia patients to develop a possible alert system.

“It’s well documented by clinicians that sleep disturbance is one of most highly self-reported factors [prior to a relapse in psychosis],” Amos Folarin, the BRC statistician behind the trial’s SleepSight app, told “But it’s hard to cover subjectively.”

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Ah - I missed this earlier:

Please let us know if you are going to participate in this - it sounds interesting…

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I could ask for one for Christmas.

I have been waking up tired and oversleeping. I wonder if that is a sign that I’m close to a relapse?