New Schizophrenic Apparel SzNYC!

Here’s a link to a relatively new company, started by a schizophrenic lady! She makes stigma-busting t-shirts and prints. Her point is to start a conversation about this.

She talks fast, fyi, she reminds me of me when I’m half manic and very chatty lol.

Here’s her website:

I like the backstory behind “don’t be paranoid, you look great” line and I kind of want to get a bracelet that says that.

Cheers to schizophrenics making a living, and double cheers to those making a living while trying to make a change in the world!
EDIT: a portion of profits go to homeless schizophrenics in New York!


I like it…this is cool…


Why .

Ok ,

e(Y)e’ll Ask Again … ,

Why . Did You Saye that Which What Has Been Quoted (???)

Perhaps Your Answer Should Become tha Word ,

Ready (???) ,


Thee End .

She reflects pretty well how I picture most people makin a living in New York… fast, enterprising, and with a tinge of dubious optimism. Not that I’d know, ofcourse.

I think the tag-line is wrong. I don’t think most Sz types are worried about not looking great…more worried about fitting in to mainstream society I would say.

It’s a good effort though, I suppose.

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yeah it’s what I thought at first as well… I imagine it is a bit of a compromise to make paranoid thoughts relatable to a wider audience. I like the main idea of the Rorschach though.


Because I talk that fast or faster

e(Y)e Dunno , e(Y)e’ve Always Been that Way … … …

Ah some nice soul should invite her to the forum…

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I can’t do twitter…other wise I would do it…

Frikken Awesome !

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I have the bracelet and one of her shirts. I love them both! The bracelet is very therapeutic.


My wife got me a shirt for my birthday. It says “I do what the voices in my wife’s head tell me to do.”. I am not sure where she got it from. I wore it to school and everyone thought it was funny. Don’t think they knew the jokes on me though.

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I got a Tshirt in Branson, Missouri, the misfit clothes, it was made wrong,

got it cheap, anyway, it was 3 colors, pink and blue with a white stripe down the middle.

For the longest time that was my religious shirt. It said nothing on it, but was significant.

Anyway, thanks for sharing about this woman.

mixed feelings about promoting disabilities,

the adult women with Down syndrome refuse to be called that,
and even my son, I don’t know, he sometimes makes faces and

cries in the mirror. I wonder if he knows he has Down syndrome.
I don’t think anybody wants a disability.

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Reminds me of the first time I saw a guy wearing a B.U.M. Equipment shirt. Okay, I thought, not everyone can get it up, but advertising it???


I think in some ways you can say I am mildly disabled, but I am certainly NOT handicapped.