New Schizophrenia Medications In Development (2015)


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Both look interesting.

OMS-824 sounds like Sci fi

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OMS 824

I’ve always wanted to be super intelligent…

example, PDE4B inhibition in mice results in super-intelligence and significantly less anxiety.


Yes, I want to be a genius to take these drugs under the guise of sz.

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Thanks for sharing man, bookmarked it! I’ve been looking for this list for quite some time.

Usually I’m very good at finding data on (upcoming) drugs but Zicronapine got me confused. There is so little information available I can’t have a clear view if it will be submitted/launched anytime soon. Only thing I can find is that it’s in phase III and is expected to submitted in 2015/16 in Europe but all additional data, barely can find anything (fucking frustrating). Anyone can chime in?

ItI-007 I’m looking forward to


Lu AF35700 is a drug under development by Lundbeck and is currently in Phase I clinical trials. It is believed to be an improvement over Zicronapine (Lu 31-130), an atypical antipsychotic that had already advanced through Phase II clinical trials, but was abandoned by Lundbeck.

Thanks man that’s a good read

It’s still says it’s in phase III trials in Europe, results expected this year. I don’t know if they gonna publish the trial results but what I do know for almost sure Lundback maybe took this decision for a tactical reason. Zicronapine has shown statically significant positive results in phase II trials but, even though phase III trials are ongoing and are not terminated, I guess it’s never gonna end up on the market because they’re going to improve this drug. Don’t like the decision though, the more options the better.

I think it has been scrapped its not on Lundbecks website so I dont think its coming out, unless some other company brought the rights to it. Or unless they changed the name to Rexulti.

That is an out of date website like I said its not on lundbecks website whereas this site you just gave me says the company is lundbeck it has been canceled man im sorry but it seems like that is what has happend to that drug.

This site is the official site for medicine information of the UK. It’s never out of date, it actually is always up to date with every change. That Zicronapine has been cancelled to be improved that I already know.

One medication I saw on the list worked on AMPA receptors. So do racetams.

Amazing list, would really love to see more post like this!