New schizophrenia medication taken four times a year

A newly approved drug for schizophrenics that’s injected just four times
a year should help greatly reduce the times they go off their
medications and relapse into a state of delusions, hallucinations and
psychosis, a local psychiatrist says.more on…


It’s already available in the US for a while now, not in Europe though.

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It will let the patients lazy, from my opinion.

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This sounds great for my son! What is the name of it??

Minnii you take an injection if I remember correctly?

Why is this?

I was on abilify injection for 20 months…but I was also taking 15 mg a day oral…when I proved I was med compliant he switched me to oral only.

I take it in the morning though so I never forget, if I took it at night id forget quite often


I had issues with taking meds, big issues. My pdoc doesn’t trust me I think, the med is working well so no point in changing, but when we considered switching meds he said “Let’s stay on injectables” … Ah well.


It’s called Invega Trinza


I don’t agree moonlee. It’s preferable, less hassle, less chance of quitting.

I worry a 3 month injection will be quite the painful big needle…my pdoc said when I brought up the new abilify shot that lasts 2 months instead of 1 he said “I wouldn’t do that to a friend. The needle will be the size of an unsharpened pencil”. That’s what he said, so, tread lightly. Maybe he’s wrong though. And it’s the difference in formula, not the needle :confused:

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I don`t think he would go for that!:syringe:


Really? That’s strange…

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That’s what he said. My pdoc is quirky…and isn’t ALWAYS right, he’s a good doctor, but…ask for a second opinion.


My questions is with it being an injectible and only 4x a yr - what about side effects??

If you start having serious side effects, it isn’t like pills where you can stop the meds. The injectible is in you for 3 months no choice.


Well, we need the comments from professionals.

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I immediately thought of side effects like apathy and negative symptoms would play a big factor seeing as the injection lasts 3 months at a time.

Everyone should add this medication to their Relapse Directories. This new treatment might help a lot of people who have relapsed on other drugs.

that is fascinating

Invega is not good

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I don’t want to have any injections, I’m happy taking my daily pills :slight_smile: