New Pickin Guitar :) 3-12-16


Lyrics Perhaps Soon :slight_smile: ive got a melody idea for singing

@Minnii @everhopeful @brucewillis

if you all like my guitar too :slight_smile: here ya go :slight_smile:

You look like an old friend.

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you’re so darn cool HuckFinn ! So glad you post music…we all need that.

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:heart_eyes: instruments are a beautiful thing. This is the drumset I ordered and is currently being made for me in china, should get it in august!


Brilliant :slight_smile: Congrats!

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I’ve listened to most of your soundcloud too, really good stuff. I can’t wait to make some midi drum tracks to accompany them and see if you like them.

i look forward to that also :slight_smile: ty :slight_smile:

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Verse 1
as the dream of city lights wonder fires of starry nights there is a soul of which i sight. for i wonder.
in the sun where rivers run the souls water of the one sings knowing hopes erven is for love.
We are the midnight of a dreams sight. Do you wonder?


Nice set, you prefer more than the basic 4piece. I like more drums also I have a five piece roland electronic set with double kick pedal.

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That’s just a stock photo from musiciansfriend. It’s gonna be a six piece (snare, 2 rack toms, 2 floor toms, and a bass drum) with double pedal, a cowbell, tombourine, and quite the cymbal setup. I’ll post pictures in a thread a I create when I get it in august. :wink: altogether my setup with the cases for my equipment will be almost 9 grand. O.o

And my snare drum is a limited edition collectors piece. It’s my baby and I named it my left hand man. I hope you get that joke, lol.

Wow Myelectronic set is probably worth $1000 and my real drumset worth $100.

Do you play with a band or have a good practice place?

You mean you mostly play it with your left hand for the backbeat or somthing?

That’s a nice electronic set though! I’m putting a lot of time and money into my set because music is my passion and I want super quality equipment and a sound I love, plus I want to have it for the rest of my life. I’m also young and don’t have too many expensive responsibilities so it seemed like a good time to put in the bulk of my investment. And I usually play it with my left hand, you know keeping a beat and playing it on the 2 and 4. :wink:

I have a decent practice space. Well it’s a friend of mines house where we can play as loud as we want because it’s in the middle of no where just 15 minutes from my house. We’re trying to get a band together but he’s too picky to keep anyone around for long.

Love it!! So relaxing. Thats awesome huckfin :smile:

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And I don’t "heart often"but this decently deserved a “heart”

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