New doctor wanted to know about my lizard

my new pdoc looked at my file and saw I had a pet lizard, she asked what kind I told her he’s a bearded dragon. I told her he’s my baby, she asked me a bunch of questions about him and I answered them all. she was generally interested. I just thought that was cool.


That’s awesome! We had a bearded dragon for a long time. Brooklyn named him Spike when she was younger. I miss him

bearded dragons make great pets as long as you do the proper research on them. right now he is being a picky turd about his multivitamin dust.

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I knew a girl once with a lizard named Drako.

I have no memory of the lizard it’s self, just playing pool in her basement and being stoned in her backyard.

I remember a cousin having a Chinese water dragon but they didn’t feed it enough and it died that’s sad. I tried to buy it from them but they said their son loved it which wasn’t true he was terrified of it.

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