A poem Dedicated to 2pac I wrote!

I should’ve posted this 6 days ago on his birthday but i wrote this like 6 years ago, but included it in one of my new songs im gonna start recording tomorrow. I like this part of it a lot

Rest in peace Tupac Shakur
My biggest mentor
Even though, you never knew me
I almost feel like you’re speaking through me.
To me.
But that’s just the new me.
Or was it the old me
The man sure sold me.
I first heard him speak when I was like 10 years old.
Quickly betrayed when I heard his lyrics
Ashamed and defamed
But I was the only one that I could blame
Meet my alter-ego
Turning me everyday into a hero.
If my life wasn’t worth zero, that was all placebo.

A lot of it is based on delusion “speaking through me” but Tupac really did change my life, i told my friend once when i was in college that “Tupac changed my life”…that was before i ever thought i was the chosen one…he looked at me wide eyed like “thats crazy” contributed to my delusions because tupac said this


I do not read or listen to ur music bc they are triggering for me. Good luck :innocent::innocent::innocent:

True indeed …

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RIP 2pac shakur a legend !


R.I.P to the G.O.A.T.


I just watched the tupac movie a few days ago “all eyes on me”. was good.