Negative Symptoms in Schizophrenia: Avolition and Occam's Razor

Here is a good news article on negative symptoms


Nothing can help negative symptoms…!!!


Thanks for posting…tho


not with your attitude.
dont give up hope man.


Kraeplin is so far back!

We’ve moved some ways since then!

Yeah it sucks but it describes schizophrenia to a t! Much of what we suffer was described early. Even before medications people walked constantly.

We are getting better with our treatments but we need more technology! It’s better than it’s ever been but it’s not good enough for a lot of us and that is where we’ll gain.

Have faith! It’ll happen. Probably too late for me but I’m cool with that if others don’t suffer!


yep we can only hope in time as technology advances that collective knowledge around the world will bring us closer to solving these mind problems.
We just gotta keep on goin


This journal from 2005 is challenging the distinctions between schizophrenia and bipolar disorder to not be so neat and tidy meaning that they can overlap each other.


Yeah even I’m learning that my friend!

I used to be pissed about bi polars using this website. It was about schiz and I thought having different symptom sets to us helped you out.

I’m totally moved on from that and appreciate how it’s all about treatment. This board has moved on and I have too!

I think as treatments increase and get better we are more likely to see a much more robust model for mental illness. Kreaplin did great work and helped set up modern psychiatry. We all have moved on a lot since then!


Yeah I agree. Its tricky stuff
I think its great we have moved toward a treatment focus versus a strict set of symptoms.