Naughty Internet

What is a juicy story you have about almost getting caught watching stuff you shouldn’t?

Here’s mine…
So my mom and dad decided to buy us a computer and so we went out, bought it, set it up and got the dial up going. Well “innocent” little me discovered AOL. Annnnnd AOL chat. Oh the stuff we talked about were funny and dirty…lol Anyway.
One day I was browsing the internet and something popped up on the screen. It had a pretty lady on it. I of course clicked on it. Suddenly I had a subscription a password and some webcams full of sexual content. I was exhausted, also I stole a credit card from my parents. So there I am weeks of content. All of a sudden my mommy goes to the mailbox and as she’s reading a mysterious page from the phone bill. She comes in asking who I’ve been talking to or where I was on the internet that amounted to over $700. She called the phone company the next day. Let’s just say I got the butt whooping of my life.


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