Naturist beaches in USA?

What is you option on this? I think as a European they work in Europe. Why is the USA so prude?

Maybe we just have no interest in seeing your willy. :crazy_face:

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America is a huge place.

And what’s your point there? We are a huge place and their aren’t enough nude beaches per square mile, or what?

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Its sad that America isn’t nudist open

Yes, it really breaks my heart. :neutral_face:. Such an important issue.


No it isent really @Bowens I agree with you.

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We have a few nude beaches near me. There were a couple that people told me and my friends about in high school so we went there several times to try to see naked women. There were a few north of Santa Cruz. It was always a few naked guys in their forties. I think we saw a naked woman once but she was with a dude.


Well we have lots of rude beaches in Minnesota. Frisbees bopping you on the head. Sand being kicked on you. Guns being pulled and people being then buried in the sand.


You said nude beaches. Idk.


I saw the infamous sand serpent once. There was a guy sitting on a log… Ill leave the rest to your imagination :crazy_face::sweat_smile:

At the beach I also saw someones hot dog that was the size of a louisville slugger bat with a red delicious apple on the end of it. :smiley:

Another one a huge 350 pound lady stole my towel and was laying on it spread eagle as if she had no idea it was mine.

I prefer the unnaturist beaches :parasol_on_ground: :smile:

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