Napoleon Bonaparte’s hat sells for €1.9m at Paris auction


My dad is obsessed with Napoleon. Has read several books on his life and achievements. Thinks his genius is being under recognized…

I’m like yeah whatever, he butchered his own armies by forced marches, starvation and megalomaniac wars.


Great strengths are usually accompanied by great weaknesses.

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I’d love to be the owner of that hat
Would be really cool!

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Some politician will probably wear it next election campaign :smile:

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Did you see there is a new Napoleon movie coming out. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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True story

Many years ago I walked into my local bakery. They had bread, rolls, croissants etc… And pastries.
I walk up to the counter and I tell the girl behind the counter," I’ll have a Bonaparte".
She looks at me quizzically and says, “You’ll have a what”?
I repeated, “A Bonaparte”.
There were a couple of other customers waiting on this Sunday
morning so she lost her patience way too fast. “I’M SORRY SIR, we DO NOT sell Bonaparte’s here. I don’t know what that is”

I said, a little miffed myself, “Bonaparte, BONAPARTE”!!
Just then her co-worker who had been listening to the whole exchange said, “You mean a Napoleon”?
Behind me an old guy and his wife snickered.
Major embarrassment and a red face. I bought my Napoleon and slunk out.

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I wonder how much his underwear cost

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