Something else stupid

Maybe a couple of you remember this from the old forums.

Many years ago I walked into my local bakery. They had bread, rolls, croissants etc… And pastries.
I walk up to the counter and I tell the girl behind the counter," I’ll have a Bonaparte".
She looks at me quizzically and says, “You’ll have a what”?
I repeated, “A Bonaparte”.
There were a couple of other customers waiting on this Sunday
morning and she lost her patience way to fast. “I’M SORRY SIR, we DO NOT sell Bonaparte’s here”.
I said, a little miffed myself, “Bonapartes, ,BONAPARTE’S”!!
Just then her co-worker who had been listening to the whole exchange said, “You mean a Napoleon”?
Behind me an old guy and his wife snickered.
Major embarrassment and a red face. I bought my Napoleon and slunk out.


An amusing occasion this is. Napoleon and Bonapartes are the same. But what’s going on in your mind that you called the bread Napoleon A Ponapartes?