My tooth is hurting so bad

Did they give you anything to take for pain?

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Tooth pain fuc*ing sucks. I’ve had it so bad before I felt a little suicidal. Wishing you all the best.

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They gave me antibiotics and fast acting alleve (acetameaphine) and ibuprofen.

Im tempted to switch to meloxicam which is prescription (not sure why).

But nothing with opiates because they make me sick.

Yeah i wish i didn’t neglect my teeth for so long. Makes me so sad.


Man. It sucks you can’t take something stronger. I don’t take opiates unless it’s only for one or two days because I don’t want to get addicted. But it sounds like your pain is out of control. That really sucks

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My new crown is sensitive and it hurts.

Aleeve isnot acetaminophen, it is naproxen sodium and shouldn’t be taken with ibuprofen

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