So much pain

I know I said earlier I said I was gonna be more positive but right now my tooth is in so much pain I wanna scream I already took a Tylenol 3 and amoxicillin but it still hurts as if I took nothing

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I guess you’ve already tried Orajel?

Sorry this is happening, sounds horrible…

Just a little reminder that medical professionals exist and can help with that.

Also, don’t take antibiotics except as directed. They’re not a PRN

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@TheStrange no and my mom won’t buy any.
@ninjastar my dentist prescribed it today my check is so swollen I


Have you tried an ice pack/?

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@LED I might try that if I can’t fall asleep soon

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I used to be a dental assistant when I was in college.

We rarely prescribed Tylenol 3, but when we did, we said 1-2 PRN pain.

Are you allowed to take two?

If not I’d recommend taking some ibuprofen with it.

There aren’t really a lot of pain killers in Tylenol 3 so you may need to supplement.

Hm ok. I don’t think it’s expensive…

Hang in there

@anon54386108 I’m not allowed blood thinners because I’m on blood thinners

@TheStrange she says it don’t work

Ibprofen isn’t a blood thinner,

We recommended our patients take it all the time after extractions.

If you’re uncomfortable with that you could always take more tylenol.

Its also possible that you have dry socket,

The pain should be improving, not getting worse.

Especially with an easy front tooth.

You may need to go back to the dentist so they can treat the dry socket.

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@anon54386108 it’s a different tooth

Then you need to go back to the dentist,

Or try more tylenol.

@anon54386108 dentist won’t see me for three more weeks he’ll decide what to do then until then I have Tylenol 3 and amoxicillin

@anon54386108 he’s also the only dentist that knows my parents will pay so he takes me with them paying

I’ve been having really bad tooth pain. What helps me the most is rinsing with warm salt water often. I find heat helps the pain more than cold. A warm towel or a heat bag. I took codeine and the dr said I could also take advil. So little that actually helps. I hope it subsides soon.


Cupping your chin in your hand can comfort pain. The warmth can just flow into your pained area.

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