My therapist thinks that I should get tested for dementia

I’ve been forgetting everything for a while now.
Loss of words, lack of focus, slurred speech.

Because dementia runs in my family, my therapist suggested that I get tested out.

I can go see my Dads geriatric psychiatrist for a second opinion.

He works with dementia patients.
My Mom also saw him when she was alive.

I had an episode where I saw blurry lights out of my left eye for a while.

I hope that I didn’t experience a mini stroke!?

Yes I’m worried.

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Your therapist is a moron. (Excuse my french)

Just try engaging with your cognition.

Get some Lions Mane (any brand) , itll help.

If you had dementia, you wouldn’t be able to come onto this site and write what you just wrote.


That’s super nerve-wracking @Wave. Sending positive thoughts your way :purple_heart:

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I’ll talk to my current psychiatrist first.
She can further assess my condition.

You don’t understand my memory is shot!


It might be a good idea to go to them solely to put your mind at rest.


I don’t believe it either…
My ex pdoc also told me, that I have an intellectual deficits, but she wasn’t right on the whole story… They can treat us badly only cause we are in weaker positions too…

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That’s what she said


@Wave Have you tried this ?

No I’ve never tried it

Lumosity is good too.

It could be that I’m over medicated or it could be the depression or God forbid it could be the start of early onset dementia.
My current psychiatrist has worked with dementia patients before.
She would know.

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Lumosity is supposed to train your brain to work better. The test I posted indicates whether you may have a memory problem .


My last score on the test I posted was 65. The younger you are the better you should do. The test is aimed at people from 50- 70 .


Thanks @Schztuna! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I disagree @DNA. Dementia doesn’t start full blown. It develops and worsens over time. @Wave could be in the beginning stages. How old are you Wave? What age does it normally start in your family?


@Wave is in his 50’s I think. It typically starts after 65+.

Either way @Wave it’s best to get it checked out, they do have meds to slow the progression of dementia I believe because they gave some to my Auntie but she didn’t like the way they made her feel so she refused to take them. Anyway knowing in advance will help you, so by all means get it checked. But in the meantime try not to worry. I know that’s easier said than done.

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This is what I was diagnosed with at age 55.