My therapist thinks I may be seeing into another dimension or possibly psychic

She said that’s her personal opinion,

But respected it when I told her that’s not something I subscribe to and we went on to grounding techniques.

She’s pretty out there,

Still, for some reason, I really like her.

She asks so many questions and really helps me talk through my issues.

She also seems to really understand my situation with my mother in law and had some helpful ideas for that.

So I still want to see her.

But she does think I’m psychic or seeing another dimension.

What do you think?

Would you continue seeing her?

  • Yes
  • No

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There’s no scientific evidence of being psychic or being able to see different dimensions. As someone who has sz, it could trigger a delusional path. I would find someone who helps you think logically and on things that science and logic have proven true and real.

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Yes, but then I’m a mother******

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I thought about this for a while before I voted. So long as she respects your desire not to get into psychic stuff then it sounds like she could be good for you. So I voted yes.


I wouldn’t see her as what she is doing is unethical, but if you like her otherwise you could always tell her not to bring up things like that as it is unhealthy for someone that deals with psychosis.

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No no no NO ! It really screams unprofessionalism to me …

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I personally wouldn’t, because I find that highly triggering. But if it isn’t triggering to you and she’s helping, then go for it.

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Personally, I couldn’t deal with someone lending any sort of credibility to my delusions, but echoing some earlier posters in that if she can leave that kind of content out of your sessions, then maybe you both could make it work.

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Nope, it doesn’t sound serious imo either… For me too, those kind of beliefs can trigger me too… Keep this in mind maybe, but if she’s nice and helping, why stopping seeing her?
But nah, try to keep being grounded too :slight_smile: .

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Must … refrain … from … joking …

If you believe you’re psychic, chances are one, or more, of your sensory inputs are sensitive.

I.e, for me, my hearing is super sensitive; I can hear people moving in the basement when I’m in the 2nd floor, I sense people moving when they’re on my property, hell, my neighbours constantly piss me off when they’re moving from room to room.

But I’m not psychic, I guess my spidey sense is always tingling.

Can you elaborate what you mean by psychic @anon54386108 ? Like, reading people’s minds, predicting the future, sensing stuff etc etc. I’m not sure I understand when you say that you can see into another dimension.

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I don’t think I’m psychic or seeing another dimension.

I see things and hear voices,

That’s why she thinks I may be seeing into a spirit world or something.

When I told her I didn’t believe that, she respected it.

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Sounds like how i would be if i were a therapist lol. No, i wouldnt say it outright but id be a believer of most things. As long as shes not actively encouraging the delusion, i wouldnt care. Its better then being outright ignored like what happens to me.

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She sounds dangerous in all honesty.
I would never see someone that is that ungrounded.

But I respect your decision @anon54386108.

Good luck with everything!


You’re in a dangerous situation and you need to get yourself out of it. You should absolutely never see this therapist ever again, she is insane. For her to say that your hallucinations are psychic visions and not hallucinations undermines your very insight into your illness. It’s not good, not good at all.


There are a lot of sane people who believe in this stuff. My therapist does not argue with any delusion I have. He once said, “I can’t say for certain you’re not talking with aliens.” But he does help me move away from the thoughts.

I would worry that your therapist may feed delusions. It’s a difficult line to walk with schizophrenia.

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I thought this was funny. I am not sure at all

It depends.

If your primary reason for seeing a therapist is to get help with managing your schizophrenia, then “A Resounding No”. In my book, her apparent personal opinion that “hallucinations = psychic abilities” disqualifies her from treating anyone who experiences hallucinations.

If your primary reason for seeing a therapist is to get help with managing other things in your life (e.g. your MIL), then “Maybe”, as long as she stays completely away from any discussion of schizophrenia symptoms, lest she go spinning off into new age la la land.

I would also be concerned about her high rates – didn’t you mention $250 in a previous thread and that she doesn’t take insurance? That’s really going to add up if you see her regularly.

Ultimately, it’s your choice. You have a good head on your shoulders and you have good insight. Only you will know what the right decision is for you. Good luck!


Yeah, but that’s what she is thinking about you while you are talking to her.

Sounds like she graduated from the University of The Twilight Zone.

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Sounds like she’s puffing on too many doinks tbh.

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