My therapist kind of thought twice about whether drugs CAUSED my psychosis

I think she realized it’s not really her position to say whether drugs caused my psychosis or not. After all I told her I was out of touch with reality since I was 14-15 which was well before I ever did drugs. She said “I think you have PTSD, but I’m not gonna write it down as a diagnosis yet, I will write down schizoaffective though for insurance purposes.”

I know it doesn’t really matter in the end, but before I hit real serious psychosis I heard ghosts oftens (but maybe they were real ghosts :ghost: ), I lived in a fantasy world (but maybe it was a coping mechanism for ptsd) and I was out of touch with reality but maybe it was part of the ptsd too.

Also I couldn’t sleep, concentrate, read, grades slipped, etc… But maybe that was PTSD too.

What do you think??

I know drugs made my psychosis really kick in, but it made me wonder whether I would have ever gotten sza if it wasn’t for the PTSD---->drugs----->sza


What’s you develop ptsd from

Hmmm. Don’t rate psychologists. Sorry to be mean but often those who get the grade aren’t that cluey and I’ve seen some bad ones! Psychiatrists. They at least do medicine and I’ve met some really good ones.

Saying that. Yeah I smoked a shiteload of weed from a depressive break to a psychotic break but I was cutting back on it when I went psychotic. You just never know and that isn’t that insightfull. Weed has psychosis of it’s own for certain people but it certainly isn’t good for those diagnsosed schizophrenic.

PTSD is one of those things. I’d hope it’s through a psydoc intervention. I don’t hold much stock in psychologists. Just me!


I have only just learned not to listen to anyone but my pdoc. I posted a while back here about my group therapy. I opened up to her about my symptoms despite feeling stupid. i told her how i find it hard to control my impulses to post here etc… she said it was perfectly normal and everyone does it. It didn’t feel normal to me and not usual for me. I listened to her invalidate my concerns and passed it as everyone’s like this. but anyway, good thing mentioned it to pdoc, she said it doesn’t matter what is usual for others, it matters if its affecting me and how its making me feel…

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Psychiatrists know a lot more than therapists when it comes to Schizophrenia and Bipolar (severe mental illness).


If your therapist was a licensed clinical psychologist, then he/she was qualified to diagnose you.

My therapist is a qualified licensed clinical psychologist but she still doesn’t know as much as my psychiatrist.