My Tascam MF-P01 4Track

It’s from the late 80’s, and I’ve never once used it…still in the box.

They are going used on E Bay for around $800.00. Mine is probably worth over a grand now.

My wife found it in the garage. It’s a 4 track machine which uses the old cassette tapes.



Nice find Patrick!

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I’ve got over 30 year old stuff in my storage area…I’ll probably dig up a few more gems down the road.

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I’ve got Nintendo 64 Game Console and Zelda and Mario as well…I opened them though.

Dang, if I hadn’t I’d be a millionaire.

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What do you think of my find, @velociraptor?

Interesting. I have a digital PCM version of it which records to WAV. Up to 8 tracks. They are very well built.

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