My story how i didnt continue college

I didnt continue college because i was taking seroquel for sleep and i built tolerance on seroquel and started not to sleep i think it was due to histamine and serotonin side effect from antipsychotic injection.
Any thoughts on this ? I have a solid proof you cant continue college on antipsychotic injection

Well, I just got a B+ in my online English college class. And I get the Invega Sustenna shot.


Lots of people that are going to college and are on antipsychotics.
@77nick77 is a good example


Well take the sustenna 150 mg injection for 12 month then stop it suddenly and i dare you to continue college

I don’t want to stop it, I’m doing fine on it and need one class to graduate. Not to mention taking 400 mg of Seroquel each night.

You said you have proof you can’t continue college while getting an injection. I’m saying you can.


I graduated from university on Invega injection, with honors


400 mg of seroquel for sleep is a high dose which will make you drowsy during the day

I guess. I don’t have a lot of energy.

400 mg of seroquel is not even the standard dose for sleep why you take it

I was having problems with someone that were making me agitated. Thus the Seroquel.

well i think i did the right thing, seroquel i was building tolerance then i switched to mirtazapine and now i can sleep again but my sleep is still very fragile. i dont think it was possible to do better than this.

i healed my sleep using mirtazapine its a very strong antihistamine which makes you sleep like a baby i took it for 6 months and i healed my insomnia i can sleep without it.

waiting for you guys to reply i think the insomnia in invega cannot be cured without taking a strong antihistamine and i think the tolerance that is caused by antihistamine is why you cant continue college. even when you sleep after your sleep become so fragile that you cant do hard stuff like studying.

I had insomnia when I was on Invega+escitalopram. Used to fall asleep at uni at 7am and then wake up 11 am for work and I was fine. Went on partying or studying after work. I know that Invega can cause someone dofficulty falling asleep as a side effect

I sleep OK. Not great, but OK. I’m on Invega and take classes. I work part time and did enough studying to earn a good grade in my last two classes.

All i know is that i went to the hospital and they gave me seroquel for my sleep problems and then i took a stronger antihistamine mirtazapine but i am still very sad that i didnt get my college degree but still not sad a lot because i really tried my best.

i was studying computer science at one of the most prestigious best university in my country. but i stopped and did 33 credits in 3 years.

I really regret studying for 8 years at college and taking my degree

Because I found out I can’t work high end jobs with high stress

I can work easy low end jobs without a degree
Every person is different but if you have severe negatives you should not continue studying instead find a job that you can do and build experience


I want to become a project manager in online tech business

Was it right to stop college in my case i had severe sleeping problem and even after solving them after a long time i found i cant take stressing jobs that require too much brain work