My social skills is very bad

All i know what to talk about is schizophrenia


Why don’t you talk about graffiti and art and software?


Noo my i dont make beautiful art. If i bring that to show to proffesionals they would not wast their time

I show people sometimes… but i dont know what to talk about them… i will not improve in art more always be in an avarage level… i think my art sucks

@MissMermaid do you draw with your wacom? Can you send me same pics… i cant draw with that wacom straight lines

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yeah but not graffiti. You need to use a vector software to be able edit a line you draw. Check on youtube. I am not sure if there are free app for that but there should be :o)

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I think your graffities were awesome, @anon48059102. Don’t get discouraged !! Keep working hard to improve !!


a great topic! :smile:

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I saw his work :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed: Whao!!!


I am exactly the same @anon48059102… You are not alone. everybody around me is pissed off by my bugging on the illness but its like this cause we worry I guess.

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I have a lot of intrusive thoughts suring social interactions :confused: I’m also a bit evitative and anxious I think

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You can improve I believe.

Or variety to how your art flows might happen.

Just keep at it till you are pleased with it.

Does not usually matter what other people think of it but that you are proud.

I do not know about graffiti so I can not write about it as such.

I used to paint but a artist made me stop when she took one of my paintings when I was around six.
After that I had no flow or passion for it anymore.

My social skills are bad too.

At dinners I usually suffer and sit in silence or I get exhausted and still need to with draw even if I’m not uncomfortable with them.

I am not educated but am grateful for what I can do and do know.

You can read and write.

If you watch a movie with someone you can comment on it perhaps or something in it.

You can maybe talk about what food you like and simple things like me.:blush:

I can not remember things I learnt in primary school.

My boyfriend says my speech is poor and I miss words and forget words too and I think it’s schizophrenia or medication or both.

It has become worse recently.

I can go mute where I can not even answer questions.

Maybe it’s ok for you to not be super talkative all the time.

I would be cautious to speak of schizophrenia all the time with people though.
It can scare them or make them bored or angry etc with it.

Here on a schizophrenia forum it’s ok and acceptable but most people probably do not want to hear about it all the time.

Going on about a delusion constantly can drive a person upset ,annoyed etc to have to listen to over and over.

My social skills suck so I avoid people and socialising also because I feel attacked by many have symptoms etc.

When I talk to people it’s usually about nice food we made or something simple .

When I was dating there were men interested in me but I could not do the fancy talk and educated talk and fancy dinners and outings and social life that came with them so we did not date .
I also avoided men with children or who want children.

My boyfriend is supportive,understanding , kind and not too anal about it but he does get annoyed with my poor speech it seems and possibly a few other things.

Maybe try a activity when socialising.

You could do graffiti together, watch a movie together, exercise together, eat but other symptoms such as paranoia and delusions can make this difficult.

Good wishes to you with graffiti and socialising.:hibiscus:

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Don’t worry about not being pro. My music isn’t pro and I’m still proud of it. Sometimes anyway lol